Los Angeles


We’re a community of young people living on the edge. We’re a group of creatives and innovators–modern renaissance folks–working and playing at the intersection of business, social change, policy, technology, art, and culture. We’re a community of over 1,000 in 45 cities, bound by our curiosity, creativity, and altruism, working together to imagine and build the best kind of world. And, we’re all about the possible.

What makes LA different? We’re breaking down the LA stereotypes, because we know this is one of the best places to live and work. We go out of our way to spend time with each other, no matter where we live in the city. We support each others businesses, projects, goals, crazy ambitions, and the other parts of our lives too, the good and the complicated. We know that it’s going to take a village, and this is the village we’ve chosen. Collectively, we can do more together, in LA, and on and off of this planet.


11699000_2727534061597_4689512620357313055_o Founding his first company at age 12 – Zach has started, sold, and failed several companies. He stays plugged in to the entrepreneurial community and helps Venture51 spot the the hottest up and coming technologies. His responsibilities include sourcing, early-stage outreach, due diligence, investor communications, and marketing. His areas of interest include the On-Demand Economy, Fintech, P2P Lending, and Latent Capacity Optimization. When he’s not out looking for the next breakout startup, he spends his time hiking, cycling, kitesurfing, and riding his motorcycle.
Erica JSwipe Party Erica Berger is the founder of Catchpool, a new media and mindfulness startup, as well as the founder and Editorial Director of Mileage Media, a community connecting people between NYC, London, LA, and San Francisco. Previously, she worked at The Economist and Storyful (acquired by News Corp). She is an Advisory Board Member for NPR, is a Forbes 30 Under 30, is the NY and LA ambassador for the Thousand Network, and has spent the last six years living in Brooklyn after graduating from USC in 2009. In her free time, you can find her traveling, dancing, seeing live music, hiking and surfing (the ocean, not just the web), on her yoga mat, or you can follow her @GoodBerger.