Thousand Network in London is one of the biggest and busiest hubs in the international community. Much like the city, this hub is often a point where people come in for a few years, get some valuable experiences, and then take off to continue doing incredible things elsewhere. We try to absorb the energy of our hub members – wherever they are from – and give back a community that empowers and encourages creativity, vulnerability and originality.

In more matter-of-fact terms, we are some 100 people from various walks of life. Designers, charity workers, technology entrepreneurs, graduate students, chefs, filmmakers, musicians, as well as extremely passionate and dedicated people who have day jobs — we try to be a good mix of people with different types of life experience. We are very aligned on values, however, enjoying the cosmopolitan vibe of London and being appreciative of the freedoms that enable it are often what we all share in common.

The list of achievements in this group is truly inspiring — and we will soon post individual bios to this website. All our members have moved or stayed in London because of the opportunities it offers, but we also know how important it is to have a community in a town like this. And we try to be a community for each other.


Tia Kansara – Global Ambassador & Chair

Tia is an award-winning director of Kansara Hackney Ltd. In 2010, she wrote the brief and appointed the architects Foster+Partners for SAMBA‘s multi-million dollar headquarters, as the first female to judge a LEED platinum building in Saudi Arabia.

She’s a Co-director of the international CleanTech Challenge, the Gulf ambassador of the UCL Bartlett, Siemen’s list of Future Influencers and is currently teaching at the Faculty of Technology, Centre for Environment Planning and Technology, India.

William McQuillian – Global Ambassador & London Co-Ambassador 2011-2013

William is a Founding Partner at Frontline Ventures, a community focused venture capital firm investing in early stage technology companies across Europe. He was the Co-Founder and CEO of and one of the founding employees of Ondra Partners, a start-up investment-banking boutique. Ondra grew from a four-person team, to have over 60 people in London, New York and Paris, and was named top investment banking boutique globally by Euromoney.

William is passionate about entrepreneurship, he was the London Ambassador for the Thousand Network for over 3 years, sits on the board of several technology companies, and is a mentor to some of the top start-up accelerators, including Tech Stars, Seedcamp and Wayra. He is also a keen adventure traveller and extreme sport enthusiast.

Livvy Owen – London Co-Ambassador – 2014 – Present

Olivia (Livvy) is an English educator, charity director and events specialist. Impassioned by transformation through education, she is the Co-Founder of EduHaitian, a UK based non-profit providing educational opportunities to young children/adults in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Believing in local empowerment, and supporting future leaders, Livvy believes in championing a local led, and directed operation.

Livvy is at her best bringing people together and regularly pulls together large gala fundraisers, community retreats, intimate suppers, dance parties and the occasional cross-nation endurance race. Livvy enjoys interrogating the margins, making things happen, dancing and a cracking political debate.

Roy Cohen – London Co-Ambassador 2015 – Present

Roy Cohen is an Israeli filmmaker and communications professional. Passionate about promoting inclusive narratives of technological progress, Roy has produced and directed Machine of Human Dreams, a feature length documentary about a technologist who has dedicated his life to creating the first thinking machines. Roy’s work is produced by Roast Beef Productions, one of the leading documentary production companies in Europe.

As a communications consultant, Roy has worked with start ups, NGOs and individuals to promote progressive values and policies. Among his clients are Israel’s leading think tank Re’ut Institute, Innodo Ventures and Harvard Medical School’s Innovation Director. Roy is a member of GlobalTolerance’s Collective, where he freelances as a communications consultant.

Roy teaches film and digital media storytelling at General Assembly. He has a B.A. in Psychology and Neuroscience from Harvard University.

​Beatrice Addis – London Co-Ambassador ​- 2015 – Present

Bea is a serial Start-up launcher, passionate about music, design and sustainability. She kicked off her career while at university by starting a student events company and was part of the team to launch the now Park-Life festival in Manchester. Post uni she worked on documentary film-making and created and launched the London on Film festival. This tool her into working as Head of Programme and Events at arts venue and Social Enterprise The Lexi Cinema, where she ended up launching The Nomad Cinema. She then moved to Sri Lanka and India for a year where she managed an early-stage volunteer placement company, and launched sales of a tech education company.

Back in the UK she then started working with one of the worlds top Natural Sciences professors and launched Lifescaped, a biomimetics company a year later with Prince Charles. She currently manages the business team at a new B2B marketplace to allow the global design community to do business online which launched in September 2015. Outside of work she is obsessed with yoga, adventure travel and singing.