Cape Town


“A family of ambitious and mildly insane friends” is the notion that best describes the Thousand Network’s Cape Town hub.

As the first hub in Southern Africa, the Cape Town hub is significantly positioned as a supportive community of young African change-makers who find themselves playing active roles in South Africa’s own development and deconstruction of an Apartheid society.

Our members include creative entrepreneurs, artists, filmmakers, academics and social entrepreneurs – whose commitment to their crafts and social impact typically outshines any public recognition they (frequently) earn.

The Cape Town Hub is increasingly diverse in age, life-stage and profession, and we actively strive to balance diversification with each individual’s development as we grow. We do this by eating together, hosting open dinners, supporting each other’s work and sharing the odd laughter-inducing meme.

With the city’s bounty of natural beauty, diverse city-life and cultural offerings, Cape Town welcomes Thousanders from around the world. Dinners, wine farms, sunrise hikes, beach sundowners and gallery-meanderings are just some of the experiences that visiting members enjoy when visiting the Cape Town hub.


dinika Dinika Govender is an entrepreneur, consultant and sometimes-writer with a special interest in cultural and local economic development in emerging cities. She currently runs a bakery – a side-project turned full-time endeavour in incubating future female food entrepreneurs. When the apron is off she can be found appreciating coffee or hiking with visiting Thousanders.
gareth Gareth Pearson is an entrepreneur, urbanist and coffee snob with an unhealthy obsession with sidewalks. He is interested in creating great cities, street by street, and is currently focused on The Thursdays, a company experimenting at the intersection of culture and urbanism. He’s also a believer in the bicycle, and gets a kick out of a ride down the road or an adventure beyond the horizon.