Ich bin ein Berliner are 4 words said by a large number of Thousanders visiting the German capital.

As one of the most innovative hubs in the world, we welcome fellow members of Thousand Network from San Francisco, London, Paris, Dubai, Seoul and beyond on a regular basis.

The Berlin hub is multicultural and multidisciplinary. We are artists, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and consultants from all over the world living in one of the most innovative and cosmopolitan European cities. We love to organize inspiring events like brainstorming dinners and attend the multiple startup events all together.

Our hub is based in one of Europe’s most innovative cities; once the second most populated city of the world, once destroyed by bombs, once divided by a wall and now unifying all types of people, Berlin is now living its rebirth with a very creative mind supported by a long term vision.


Hubert is a Berlin-based French entrepreneur. He created his first company in India with 19 years old, lived in Brazil during 4 years and recently relaunched a recognized music magazine. He is also the co-ambassador of Berlin’s Thousand Network hub and is an active member in associations promoting entrepreneurship and helping refugees in Berlin. His passion is acknowledging happiness around him.
berlindavid David, 26, born in Bavaria, is building a branding and fan engagement agency for clients ranging from the most exciting classical musicians to fashion labels and soccer associations. He previously founded an accessoire label and living and studying in the UK, Vienna and Hamburg.
berlinyatan Yatan grew up between Latin America and Europe. He has worked for United Nations and NGOs as well as started companies in India, Netherlands and Germany and worked as a country manager for a food startup. Currently he is working on startup accelerator programs focusing on how to maximize impact.