The Amsterdam hub is a welcoming group

The Amsterdam hub is a welcoming group of both local and international members. In addition to the loving thousand community feeling the Amsterdam hub has a focus on helping each other improving daily life. Most events have a session where the members share life hacks, software and other tools that save them time and frustration.
The Amsterdam hub is full of entrepreneurial souls who are very happy to meet up when you are around.


Roger Heijsters: Roger is building Hoasted, a hosting business with a focus on delivering enterprise performance hosting with best in class customer support. He has a passion for building automated digital products and loves to travel and work from all over the world. He is known for his hospitality skills and being a foodie.
Mentor Palokaj: Mentor is a biologist turned programmer with a passion for nutrition. He is currently turning unemployed people into programmers. He is an avid fan of One Thousand retreats and would love to offer you some Matcha tea when you are around Amsterdam.

Arjen Swank