19 Mar 2015

By-laws draft, v.1 (with survey results)

Otters, This post follows Tia’s post a

19 Mar 2015


This post follows Tia’s post a couple of weeks ago on building our by laws.

To enhance the draft, we put out a survey on 19th Feb to the community to get a pulse for how the community felt on some of the questions we are facing. As we mentioned, the survey was by no means a decisive vote – simply a way to see where the engaged members of the community stand on those key issues. Survey results are now in and we’d like to share those with you, as well as an updated draft of the bylaws, edited with those results in mind.

Basic survey outcomes:

Participants: 263 – or 26.6 % of the community


Age limit & alumni 60% of participants think we should have an age limit, v. 30% think we shouldn’t.70% think “alumni” should remain within the same community There was a good consensus that our community isn’t really about our age, but more about our mindset and values. Age becomes a factor in recruitment to make sure the community stays “young” and “fresh”, but once a member, always a member.
Class v. rolling apps 56% prefer the class model v. 36% prefer rolling applications The class model favors a higher quality of members with tighter selection, more of a community feel & fosters strong bonds when new members join (small group within the larger group). Also helps with timelines and application management from ambassador standpoint.
Removing inactive members 48% of participants would support a process to remove inactive members, 35% think we shouldn’t remove them Generally, there seems to be a feeling that we’re bound by our engagement as well as our values, and apathy / inaction towards the community becomes destructive. However, removal can only happen if there is a well-defined criteria beforehand.
Full-time team 70% believe we need to have a full time team to run the community However, would need to happen with 100% transparency on salary.
Member fees 52% support having membership fees, while 30% don’t. Most people seem to be supportive of a membership fee to support a full time team. Four comments stand out: 1) a clear delineation of the benefits, 2) total transparency on how the budget is used, 3) necessary to have some financial aid for those who can’t afford it, and 4) the need to start with a lean team


Here are the full results of the survey:

Additional responses:

Again those results aren’t decisive – they simply paint a picture of what our most active quarter of the community thinks. We nonetheless find them telling and we are keen to make sure the bylaws reflect the sentiment of the community.

With this in mind, below is a draft of the by-laws we suggest. As a reminder, this was drafted over several months with input from many members – as Tia explained in her post.

We’d love for you all to read over those, and submit comments for each section in this google form. We’ll collect all answers, share results, and revise the bylaws accordingly, before sharing a second version for us all to vote on.

Timeline moving forward:

  • March 29: comment on bylaws
  • April 5: final bylaws draft
  • April 6-12: bylaws review
  • April 13-19: community vote

Thanks for all your efforts so far – excited to see this through! 

Again the key links here are:


Look out for a more detailed post on the Membership Fees soon!


Transition Team




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