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Toronto is the world’s most multicultural

Toronto is the world’s most multicultural city. With acknowledgements like “best overall city in the world” and “most livable”, Toronto is shining like never before. Thousanders represent many diverse sectors and walks of life in this thriving city.

Our community is intentional about the way we spend our time, with a mission to support each other through life’s ups and downs, skill share and just flat out love each other for who we are at our core.

We are a small hub with a big heart. We love welcoming Thousanders from other hubs and friends of the family. Come visit!


Rhea Mehta, PhD is a Bio-Toxicologist and Optimal Living Coach who has spent the last decade researching and educating on the harmful effects of the western diet and lifestyle on one’s body and life path. Last year Rhea founded Global Smoothie Day on October 3rd as an opportunity to celebrate self-care and offer communities an accessible and playful entry into healthy living. It’s happening again this year, so mark your calendars. #globalsmoothieday. Speaking of play, Rhea also co-founded Camp Reset, an adult summer camp and digital detox focusing on play as the channel to deep connections, vulnerability, healing and transformation. Rhea lives in Toronto’s urban west end with her hubby Jehan, in a bright orange home carrying the spirit of Ontario’s cottage country.