J.R.R Tolkien wrote that not

J.R.R Tolkien wrote that not all those who wander are lost. It’s those wandering souls he might have been referring to are the heart of the Nomad Hub.

From the wandering to the lost, the homeless, the trans-nationals, the confused, the searching, the global citizens, the camel herders, and beyond, we all have one thing in common: a mobile mentality and movable/multiple homes.
We are looking for engaged and engaging people to celebrate the challenges and the magic of belonging nowhere and everywhere!


Sebastian Lindstrom is a mystery to himself and a camel herder to others. Sweden made him, the world shaped him. Academically curious at 5 universities in west and east; studied everything and ended up working with something totally different (classic). Co-founded What Took You So Long, a guerrilla filmmaking organization, with Alicia Sully in 2009. Roaming this magnificent earth with team of 15 storytellers in pursuit of visual magic that can spark your mind to alter your understanding of a topic or location. The sensations of Freediving, duck diving down into the depths of the ocean with only one breath, have recently unlocked sensations of natural highs previously never experienced.He smuggles Camel milk cross continental left and right, you need some? He got some. Home is wherever I’m with you. Pounding the powder with board or skis, exploring the universal vibration through ancient traditions of the amazon.
  Alicia’s nickname is the “wise camel” because she runs a company of 15 nomadic-filmmakers called “What Took You So Long?” & has herself been a nomad filmmaker for 10 years, working in at least 20 countries a year; stopping for camel milk mostly in West & East Africa, Barcelona, Nairobi and DC. She co-launched the Nairobi Sandbox Hub in 2010, and once upon a time even founded an award-winning cheese club.
Gillian is a trans-national dancer/choreographer. She grew up in Colorado, graduated from Columbia, and moved to Cambodia, where she worked for three years for an arts NGO and a top television channel. Currently based in Seoul, South Korea, she is passionate about peace that is more than “not war,” life that is full and fulfilling, the necessity of human dignity and respect, and creativity as a fundamental aspect of human expression.