The Thousand Network Zurich hub is a group of young people (mostly between 23-33) who at an early age became company founders, cartoonists, professional musicians, authors, policy makers, artists, restaurant owners, scientists…people who have taken the road less travelled, as Robert Frost would say.

At Thousand Network Zurich we bring together these young achievers based in the Greater Zurich Area to learn from and with each other, to exchange ideas and support each other throughout the highs and lows that come with this adventurous journey we call life. We help each other grow, undertake trips together, and build friendships along the way.

Above all else, it is these friendships that are at the heart of Thousand. Because our members, are ultimately a group of friends. Friends who are bound together by curiosity and creativity, and a value system that emphasizes kindness and integrity as much as ambition, accomplishment and great success.

Based in the economic center of Switzerland, the Zurich hub is one of two in Switzerland with the other being in the French-speaking Léman region. Being in the heart of Europe means that our members frequently interact with other hubs. Be it people visiting Zurich – or Zurich members attending retreats organized by other hubs.

We hold a monthly dinner and a monthly brunch to stay in touch, but many of us also meet on other occasions.


sunnie Sunnie J. Groeneveld – Email | LinkedIn | Twitter

Sunnie has put motivating people at the heart of everything she does. In Zurich she is the heart and soul of the community and keeping things together. When not organizing dinners or other gatherings for Thousand, Sunnie keeps busy by inspiring her team at her company Inspire 925 and helps turning Zurich into a startup powerhouse as the managing director of DigitalZurich2025.


andreas Andreas Brenner – Email | LinkedIn | Twitter

Andreas was there when it all started and has been an active part of the community since. He helped with establishing the Hub in Singapore and since returning to Switzerland has been shaping the community in Zurich. When not fostering the community Andreas is working on his startup Avrios where he is helping companies revolutionize how they deal with their motor pool.

marcus Marcus Kuhn – Email | LinkedIn | Twitter

Marcus has been a member of the community since 2009. When relaunching in 2014 Marcus was at the forefront and together with others he built the foundation for Thousand in collaboration with the community. If not active in Thousand Marcus is building web and mobile applications for Startups at Viable Labs.