Washington, DC


DC is the United States’ most international city. Most know it for the politicking, transactional networking and suits. It’s also full of beautiful architecture and houses some of the world’s most well-known nonprofits. DC is a city of life and vibrancy and Thousanders here represent all sectors, industries and walks of life.

We design our community to foster deep relationships and strong friendships that give members the opportunity to learn, grow, reflect and share in a meaningful way.

How many people do you “know” but don’t really know? In DC we want all our members to have the opportunity to really get to know each other and be known. We host monthly Supper Clubs where one member gets to share their entire life story: the ups and downs, the light and dark, the triumphs and the struggles and give insight into who they are and what led them to where they are today.

Once a month, a sub-group called Soulful Entrepreneurs meets in a local community church to discuss the existential and spiritual questions that arise in our daily lives, both professionally and personally.

Bi-monthy, a group of women business owners meet around food and cocktails to support each other through growth, failure, and the rocky and often strenuous endeavor of running a company.

We host wine nights, dance classes, discussions around topics like drones, sustainable gardening and more.

DC by nature has always been a transient city, with its residents moving in and out and in constant flux and travel for both work and play. The DC Thousand community serves as a faithful tribe of committed friends, who support each other and celebrate together through each members’ journey to live the lives we are proud to live.

Our community is made up of someone who runs a music empire, NGO workers, tech entrepreneurs, holistic coaches, social entrepreneurs, and much more.


Robyn is a self-proclaimed water nerd and has spent her career working for environmental non-profits. She currently works on policy and advocacy for a renowned international NGO that is focused on ensuring access to clean water, proper toilets, and hygiene services for the poorest communities in the world. When she isn’t lobbying members of Congress or at the United Nations, Robyn is out in nature hugging trees or playing sports. She loves to laugh and tell jokes, and enjoys a riveting discussion about “what would you give up: cheese or oral sex?” Robyn is 27 years young, originally from Los Angeles, California and has been living in DC for the past 5 years.
Joe is into marketing, technology and loves his Washington, DC hub to death. He’s been the #1 employee at two digital marketing startups. Now he’s a wannabe entrepreneur himself and runs wpbuffs.com, a digital tech support hub for everything WordPress. Joe has experience working with small clients like local dentists and large ones like the Department of Defense. He lives in the beautiful Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of DC, where he’ll be marrying his Texan sweetheart, Sterling Memorial Day weekend, 2017!