Aaaaah… the mountains, the oceans, the trails and the beaches. Vancouver can be touted as one of the most beautiful places on earth. But then again, we may be biased, since we live here. Our little hub is growing and we are so excited to cast our nets and vision wider. We’re a bunch of tech-saavy, social-impact heavy, multi-disciplinary folks who are serious about changing every facet of society for the better. We are travellers, designers, entrepreneurs, speakers, instigators, and dreamers who won’t be found lounging around the status quo.

Members of the Vancouver hub have created imaginative apps, blazed trails at Burning Man, accelerated hundreds of businesses, chased sunrises, founded travel magazines, ushered Canadian farms into the Internet age, hosted startup conferences, created the world’s largest sandbox, and rocked a 6am dance party.

We’re a curious, audacious, fun-loving bunch. We love hosting dinners and inspiring events to get people’s juices flowing. We believe that the world is our playground and we welcome its citizens far and wide to join us in our incredible journey.



JJ MacLean

Meet JJ, your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man. No,wait, that’s not quite right – a graduate of the University of British Columbia with degrees in Economics and Chemistry. He’s a fine chocolate aficionado, Canadian politics enthusiast and finance dork. When he’s not hard at work with his team at Passage, you can probably find him eagerly counting down the days until the Force Awakens.


Parker Busswood

Parker is a serial entrepreneur and designer, and studied Commerce and Interactive Design before co-founding LDRLY, a player intelligence platform for social and mobile game developers. He’s excited about working to grow the Vancouver hub and helping to support the development of new hubs on the west coast. He might be the only person you know who hasn’t seen Star Wars yet, despite the Vancouver hub’s frequent requests to subject him to a Star Wars marathon.