Thousand Network/Singapore helps young achievers based

Thousand Network/Singapore helps young achievers based in Singapore and its surrounding region to build meaningful connections and learn from genuine characters. Like the city-state itself, the hub is a melting pot of different cultures and disciplines. We are journalists, entrepreneurs, hackers, musicians, civil servants, pro gamers, educators, lawyers, designers, all with the common values of curiosity, audacity, generosity, playfulness and vulnerability.

Apart from meeting up by ourselves for both work (many Thousanders eventually work together – some even starting businesses together) and play, we also host open dinners every one or two months to invite extraordinary young game changers to join us. The marquee event of each year is when we organise a regional retreat bringing Thousanders across Asia together for a weekend to disconnect online, re-connect offline and engage in once-in-a-lifetime experiences together.

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Timothy is a learning designer and certified leadership trainer, specialising in high-performance and value-creation workshops. He is the co-founder of Quartz Initiative, an edu-tech startup using apps to develop teambuilding skills and leadership behaviours. Tim teaches with Singapore’s largest training company and is currently working on bringing lifeskills education to the next level using MOOCs and blended learning experiences. He is intrigued by the way things work – from politics to economics, storytelling to music making – and how people fit (or force themselves) into the grander scheme of things.

Passionate about education and the #futureofwork, Tim is excited by the potential epiphanies Thousand Network members offer.



Benjamin Loh is a Professional Gen-Y Speaker, Public Speaking Coach, 2 x TEDx Speaker and Author of INSPIRIT, a book that focuses on public speaking in Asia with perspectives from 12 leading Asian CEOs. Believing in the power of Millennials, he is in the midst of curating and building a network of empowered and inspired Gen-Ys. He’s been featured on over 50 occasions over 10 media platforms like Channel News Asia (CNA), Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Straits Times (ST).

Ben is in the Thousand Network because he believes in the power of a collective that’s invested in changing the world we live in.