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Thousand Network is a community of young people who live on the edge. We cook up molecular gastronomy, perform pop sonatas, build social empires, and craft radical policy. Scattered across 40 cities on 5 continents, we are bound by our curiosity and creativity. The world is our lab, and we were born to discover what’s possible. Altruism is our currency, and we prosper by aiding each other’s growth. Collectively we can do more with our time on (and off) this planet.

When talking about Thousand Network San Francisco, the entrepreneurial and collaborative ethos naturally come into conversation. However, we’re not a professional development network, a networking group, or out to change the world; while these elements do characterize aspects of our community interactions, they don’t define us exclusively. We’re the community for people who seek to connect authentically — to be fellow citizens, friends, humans.

Our community has effectively banned the question “What do you do?”. Although everyone could spend time sharing impressive Linkedin profiles, we prefer helping each other figure out “What kind of person do I want to be?” instead. Our diversity of interests has become our most wonderful aspect, as well as our most challenging, and we love that. We play instruments, have eccentric creative talents, and host potlucks with difficult expectations, where yes, gluten-free, sugar-free, meat-free will be options. We avoid startup jargon like the plague, and prefer swapping personal stories, maybe even a song.

From Karen Mok & Radha Mistry, our 2014-2015 ambassador duo: 1 year, 10 lessons. What we learned as Fourth Generation Thousand Network SF Ambassadors.

2015-2016 Ambassadors

 TN_SF_aisha Aisha is an urban and communications designer and educator who grew up in Canada surrounded by maple syrup. She has lived and worked across 4 continents – even once spending her holiday researching the terrible traffic systems in Jakarta. When not figuring out ways to teach and inspire others to learn more about cities, architecture and design, she is usually goofing around dancing, painting or playing the piano.

2014-2015 Ambassadors

 TN_SF_karen Karen is a left-brained designer. She’s curious about how to combine design, business, and community to build products, experiences, and systems that give agency to underrepresented communities. Fiercely loyal to the #squad, and will travel far for pie.
TN_SF_radha Radha is a designer-futurist-wanderer with a background in architecture and foresight. She works to engage people in meaningful conversations about change; distilling what that change looks like and how we might design for it. Radha grew up in the U.S. but has worked, studied and played in cities globally, before moving to SF. She is perpetually curious.

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