Thousand Network is a community of young people who live on the edge. We cook up molecular gastronomy, perform pop sonatas, build social empires, and craft radical policy. Scattered across 40 cities on 5 continents, we are bound by our curiosity and creativity. The world is our lab, and we were born to discover what’s possible. Altruism is our currency, and we prosper by aiding each other’s growth. Collectively we can do more with our time on (and off) this planet.


 1077295_10202023732490065_1310810673656770306_o Nate Nichols, Creative Monster, is Founder of Teal Orbit, and Co-Founder of Palette group. A focused entrepreneurial spirit, with a background in marketing and design, and an Art Institute of Philadelphia education positioned Nate to develop his digital market agency, A Pocketful of Change Group, and co-found the Philadelphia Chapter of Thousand Network. Prior to establishing his business, Nate spent years cultivating success for a gamut of vested companies, DLG Branding and Hyundai as a marketing and social media consultant. Through these and other experiences, he built a solid network of progressive peers and mentors. Nate Nichols is a strategic businessman of multidisciplinary design with an eye for excellence and creativity.
 Finals(2)-24 Jessie Fox, a graduate of Temple University has been published in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Hidden City Philadelphia,, The Inquirer, JUMP Magazine, and much more. Her passion for photography has helped her to connect individuals through storytelling and identify its impact. She uses Philadelphia as her storyboard- continuously meeting new people and depicting their voices. Her experience ranges from working in small digital agencies to media powerhouses such as ​Currently, Jessie works as the Creative Director/Project Manager for Urban Roots and JDT International. Her new role within development has pushed her past her comfort zone and challenges her storytelling ability in ways she has never imagined. At this point in time she would say her job/personal life are pleasantly blended.