Thousand Network’s Paris hub helps young achievers based in Paris and surrounding cities to learn and grow through once-in-a-lifetime experiences and connections with other members.

The hub is multicultural and multidisciplinary. We are artists, designers, urbanists, photographs, physicians, scientists, big data experts and much more from all over the world living in one of the most cosmopolitan European cities. We love to organize inspiring events including open dinners, demo nights for start-ups, apéros, and brainstorming dinners around home-cooked meals. And also love to get away to countryside retreats.

Based in the new “European Silicon Valley”, Paris is the most attractive European city for start-ups and investors. We are also at the cross-road of many travellers’ path, welcoming members from all over the world on a couch or for longer stays as they fall in love with our beautiful city.

The members of the Paris hub are well known for being a unified and enthusiastic group of friends, with a lot of success stories coming from mutual inspiration and support.


 12625950_10153915239324784_631814442_n Cécile is Doctopreneur. She works as an Emergency Room pediatrician and Medical Director for the start-up Ad Scientiam in Paris. She also founded Eppocrate, an NGO devoted to bridging the gap between the physician community and the digital healthcare ecosystem.
 Margaux - Thousand Margaux is a French entrepreneur who’s passionate about the future of education and work. She joined the community in 2011 and has been to 10 different hubs, witnessing the same DNA among members. She’s very eager to connect Paris to the rest of the hubs and to make sure that international members are always welcome.
Fred - Thousand Fred has been a researcher for the past 5 years. He focuses on Radical Innovation, earned a PhD in this area and founded STIM to help companies design the future! He’s also very sporty and surfs as often as he can.