We all live somewhere but home is a different place… The Lisbon hub is a home for all the Thousand Network members in Portugal and a place where all the members know they will always be welcomed like family.

The economic crisis that hit Portugal in 2011 forced the country to reinvent itself. A few years later we are a frequent number one in lists of the best countries to visit, live and work. The natural good weather and beautiful country side helped but we can’t forget things like the great food or warm and friendly people.

Nowadays Lisbon is constantly reinventing itself with gardens, cultural events and cool stores opening everywhere. It’s also home of the fastest growing startup ecosystem in Europe and that shows in infrastructures like the biggest coworking space in this old continent.

Our family is full of people from all paths of life, exceptional and passionate pioneers that love to empower everyone around them to create a better world. From creating a nation wide society transformation movement, a world reference pre-accelerator program, closing partnerships with major investment banks or building gadgets for the James Bond of the real world, we just love shifting things around.

We always have space for one more…


10523560_786663478036226_5635772839774577182_n João Carreiro — EmailLinkedin | Facebook |

At 16 João created the first online radio in Portugal, later and with zero cash except for bank loans, his first company generated over 2M$ in sales while he also launched the first National Engineering Competition in Europe, currently happening in over 30 countries.

Recently he closed his second company, founded in 2012, Nozomi developed and sold the smallest HD video server over 4G in the world. Managing to develop the product and enter one of the most restricted markets in the World with only 0.6M$ in funding.

Goal oriented and a strategist, João strives to have a positive impact in the World. Proud member of the Thousand Network he is also a frequent advisor/jury/mentor at various entrepreneurship events and startups. A climber, adventurer and risk taker with a love for the outdoors and speed. Always ready for a challenge.

Andre Rodrigues Lopes — | Linkedin | Facebook | Skype

Andre is enthusiastic about web ventures, which has led him to co-found the Company Building Studio and Innovation Consultancy which is currently very invested in fintech and insure tech projects.

His first foray into the startup world was Table & Friends in late 2011, a social restaurant reservation startup connected with 4500 restaurants in Portugal, Spain and Italy which he sold in late 2013 when it had 25.000 users achieved with a 1000€ marketing spend.

Another two passions of his are the city of Lisbon where he moved to at the age of 18 (if you are in town and looking for tips or for an after work drink do get in touch) and the Philippines where he is helping clients and cataloging waterfalls often.