Thousand Léman boasts fabulous members dotted along the Arc Lémanique – how locals refer to the shores of Lake Geneva. In the heart of Europe, in francophone Switzerland, your Lémanique members hail from many different countries. They have founded startups in domains ranging from bio-tech to organic food, and have worked with organizations ranging from the World Economic Forum to Seedstars. Adapting to the Swiss culture, Thousand Léman does not let the gorgeous lake or beautiful mountains go to waste, and we never miss a chance to share ideas over a pot of fondue.

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Tuuli Utriainen

With great likelihood, you can find Tuuli either interacting with some of the sharpest scientists in the world or building a chicken house in her garden at Champel. She’s passionate about working at intersection of disciplines applying human centred design methodology, which she has done with great gusto for the past 8 years. She loves music, dance, impro and pushing people outside their comfort zones. Tuuli currently runs the Challenge-Based Innovation (CBI) Masters course developed by CERN at IdeaSquare, where she is creating possibilities for people to work together in novel ways. And 3D-printing rockets. Follow her on Twitter @TuuliU.


Nettra Pan

When she is not interviewing VCs in another country, Nettra is usually at her desk at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) reading papers on technology commercialization, new venture governance, or political philosophy. Nettra is addicted to social media, and treats her addiction by doing yoga, and preparing workshops on how entrepreneurs can effectively reach their customers (note: might involve social media). Her PhD research focuses on how mission-driven organizations have garnered support for their cause over the years, and which new project-level indicators might predict successful fundraising today. Ask her a tough question so she can practice answering succinctly @nettra.