The Copenhagen hub is one of the younger hubs in the Thousand Network. Founded in 2014 we recruited our first class of globally oriented changemakers who are now both in Copenhagen and doing their thing changing their industry around the world. We are one of the most diverse hubs when it comes to professions with people being tech entrepreneurs, architects, writers, innovators, medical entrepreneurs, food entrepreneurs and creative advertising professionals. We are growing our little community and are looking for more young changemakers who wants to make an impact with what they are doing and feel passionate about putting energy into building our local community while also tapping into our greater global family around the international hubs.


 helle Helle-Vibeke

Helle-Vibeke’s curiosity has caused her many scratches as a child. Today the curiosity is partly under control, but her desire to explore and understand the world and its people is still intact. Helle-Vibeke believes in the power of communities, and she is passionate about innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

 mia Mia

Mia started up the Danish hub in 2014 after having been an active part of the Swedish hub while running her business there. Currently she works as an independent consultant, speaker and teacher within digital data strategy and marketing. She is a firm believer in creating long and lasting relations over the traditional quick networking and is curious about the people behind the accomplishments. Mia is an initiator and passionate about media use, digital innovation and deep and challenging conversations.

 sara Sara

Sara started her entrepreneurial career early while she was still in high school where she invented a new way of using ozone as protection against the sun. She is currently running the Y Combinator startup Qurasense – an offspring from Singularity Hospital, which she attended twice. Sara has a background in medicine and is also doing medical research at Stanford University. She is passionate about exponential technologies, health and entrepreneurship.