Buenos Aires


It takes two to tango. In Argentina’s hectic capital city, we have​ joined hands​ to create an ​eclectic and resourceful group, the Buenos Aires’ Thousanders​.

We are ​entrepreneurs, artists, tech aficionados, academics,​ engineers​​ and journalists from Argentina and across the globe.​ ​​W​e are natives of cities across the country -from San Juan to Concordia- and the globe -from New York​ to ​Casablanca​.

The world​ ​is our​​ oyster​. We consider that it does not have physical or cultural frontier​s, which is why we all have international experiences. Traveling and connecting with other souls inspire us.

Although we come from different walks of life, we have gathered in Argentina’s capital to make things change and inspire each other. We​ see beauty where most people don’t see it​, we’re almost excessively curious​, we’re empathetic and geared toward problem-solving.

Our hub is​ ​one of Latin America’s most innovative cities and we seek to embody Argentina’s growing entrepreneurial spirit and resilience.

​We are all extremely busy achievers. Yet, we still make time to connect around a home-cooked dinner, a picada (appetizers), a drink (or a few more!) or during a weekend retreat to escape the ​hustle and bustle ​​of Buenos Aires.


benitez Tomás Fuentes Benítez is an Argentinean lawyer, passionate about meeting people of all backgrounds. Immersed in international trade, and Partner at Fuentes Benitez & Spinelli Law Firm. External Advisor to the Board of Quequen Port, one of Argentina’s five most important commercial ports. Co-Founder of the Chamber of Professionals of the Port. Studied at San Andres University, exchange program at NYU, elected President of Student Government. Passionate about Chinese language, culture, politics and economics. Awarded scholarship by Chinese Government to study Chinese in northern China. Ambition to promote impactful connections between China and Latin America.
 amorosi Franco Amorosi has learned how to help small and medium businesses to grow after three years working as a Strategist at Google. Now he’s taking the challenge further at BILD, the startup he co-founded, by creating technology to make food production more efficient and more profitable. Franco was selected as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.

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