18 May 2015

Voting on the final logo!

After an in depth analysis of the

18 May 2015

After an in depth analysis of the narrative and core values, the visual branding team created a logo concept using a rigorous development process. Now, we’d love your help to finalize the process and obtain a final logo and color scheme. Please check the pdf and vote with the link below!

Brand narrative:

Thousand Network is a mobile society of remarkable young people. We cook up molecular gastronomy, perform pop sonatas, build social empires, and craft radical policy. We bridge geographies and disciplines, designing opportunities for meaningful conversation, collaboration, and discovery. We are bound by our curiosity and creativity, and a value system that emphasizes kindness and integrity as much as ambition and accomplishment. The world is our lab, and altruism is our currency. With over 900 members in 40 cities on 5 continents, we’re connecting tomorrow’s global leaders today.

  • curiosity
  • audacity
  • generosity
  • playfulness
  • vulnerability

We began with explorations in texture and color, which, through multiple feedback rounds within the branding working group, eventually led to a more symbol-driven motif. The logo had to be a symbol that could resonate with a global demographic, was ethnically ambiguous, and gender neutral.

 We first explored different potential concepts:

  • Exploration 1: Circles > warmth and playfulness
  • Exploration 2: Building blocks > support
  • Exploration 3: Thinkers and doers > lateral thinkers, vertical expertise
  • Exploration 4: Nations and flags > global identity > 30 nations > 30 patterns
  • Exploration 5: network > cross-overs > intersections > asterisk

To pursue the process, the branding narrative and visual teams voted and chose:
“Exploration 5: network > cross-overs > intersections > asterisk”.

From there, the visual team went back to the drawing board to draw this concept out into 4 stages:

  • Exploration 5a: development of pattern and texture, to create an ID that represented the dynamic quality of our group. Intersection of Depth and Dynamism
  • Exploration 5b: Refinement of ID, digging deeper into the symbolism behind the motif, and color concept development
  • Exploration 5c: Narrowing down over 200 different iterations, typeface study in parallel within working group
  • Exploration 5d: Bring concepts down to 2 options and 3 color palettes



An animated .gif that shows the logo exploration process.


 The logo concept we designed revolves around the asterisk. Created through intersecting paths, the asterisk evokes a sense of curiosity, playfulness and audacity, which resonates with our core community values. In written language, we put an asterisk next to something when we want to emphasize additional depth. Through a symbolic layering of polygons at its center, the motif speaks to the rich layering of diverse backgrounds, super powers, and experiences of our members.



Now we need your help!

To choose the final logo, we’d love for the community to:

  • pick one of the two asterisks – A or B
  • pick one of the three color schemes – 1, 2 or 3

Key consideration as you help make a final decision:

  • Is this legible, scalable?
  • Can the symbolism be misconstrued in any way?
  • Is this identifiable within your regional context?

A Thousand Hugs,

 Visual Branding Team
Aisha Sheikh www.createsimplexity.com
Eoin Bara www.v7.ie
Steve Tam www.100ac.re
Thierry Blancpain www.grillitype.com


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