29 Jan 2015

Moving from a name to a brand

Now that we have a new name, we’ll

29 Jan 2015

Now that we have a new name, we’ll move on to creating a memorable and suitable brand narrative and identity. To accomplish this, we’ve asked some branding experts in our community to put together a timeline for achieving the following:

  • Core narrative (including messaging and naming details)
  • Brand strategy (including digital and PR approach)
  • Visual identity & guidelines with logo, type + color, and digital (website guidelines)

Specifically, Melissa Richer (San Francisco), Robert Bolton (Toronto) and Sagarika Sundaram (London),  will be working on story and narrative, while Thierry Blancpain (Zurich), founder of Grilli Type Foundry and the designer of the Sandbox logo, Eoin Bara (Dublin), founder of V7, and Steve Tam (Toronto), founder of 100ac.re, have all kindly agreed to submit design proposals. Radha and I will facilitate the process with both groups.

Here’s the timeline we’ll follow:

Feb 1 – Work commences on One Thousand brand narrative and visual identity

Feb 23 – Brand team to update community on narrative/PR/naming details

Mar 8 – Brand team to share visual direction in a blog post + town hall for feedback

Mar 31 – Brand team to share final visual direction and final narrative

At each juncture, we’d love to get your feedback on the ideas that are coming out. At the end of March, we’ll have a new visual identity, a story to tell and brand guidelines.

Get ready. History is in the making.


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