A new name
16 Jan 2015

A new name

The people have spoken! Over the past

16 Jan 2015

The people have spoken!

Over the past week, 606 members of our community voted on their choice for a new name. Thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to voice concerns, questions and opinions. The final results were selected according to the Single Transferable Vote method. After months of work and a week of deliberation, the community has chosen a name that represents who we are — we are a thousand ideas, a thousand people, a thousand friendships…We are One/Thousand:

One/Thousand is a mobile society of remarkable young people. We cook up molecular gastronomy, perform pop sonatas, build social empires, and craft radical policy. We bridge geographies and disciplines, designing opportunities for meaningful conversation, collaboration, and discovery. We are bound by our curiosity and creativity, and a value system that emphasizes kindness and integrity as much as ambition and accomplishment. The world is our lab, and altruism is our currency. With over 900 members in 40 cities on 5 continents, we’re connecting tomorrow’s global leaders today.

Our next step is to improve on this first brand story as well as design a visual identity. Together with the name, these should represent our narrative. We’re still working on the timeline and deliverables for this, and will communicate it all in the next few days.

In this process, we’ll continue to incorporate feedback as we go so please don’t hesitate to leave comments. What do you think is missing from this name? What does this name not evoke that you’d like to find in the visual identity and tone of voice?

You can see the detailed results of the vote in the following pdf:

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  1. johnerik January 16th, 2015 8:25AM


  2. Tim January 16th, 2015 9:31AM

    Awesome awesome start. Question: Are we pronounced as “one thousand”, “one over thousand” or “one out of a thousand”?

  3. Kashuo Bennett January 16th, 2015 4:12PM

    I voted for the name that won and I love it. It’s epic and grand and also reminds me of the word millennial. I do have a question/concern though. How exactly is it written or said? “one/thousand”? “1-thousand”? “the one thousand network”? etc. This need clarification. Thanks so much to the new teams for their had work!

  4. Aishash January 16th, 2015 5:00PM

    Hi Tim and Kashuo. The “/” is a visual device and is not pronounced when speaking about it. However we’re excited to see how this visual device is manipulated in a creative way when our logo designers do their magic in the next few weeks. This visual logo will allow us to explore the potential visual uses of the ‘/.’ Thanks for the questions. A brand guideline for the nomenclature and logo will help clarify all of these things. More soon!