17 Mar 2015

Who are the members?

Rahaf and I were catching up over

17 Mar 2015

Rahaf and I were catching up over falafel in Paris. It was August, 2012, and this was one of the only restaurants still open during the vacation month. We shared stories of international travel, updated each other on our wide-ranging projects, and conferred about the challenges of maintaining healthy relationships and close friendships in light of it all.

At one point, she smiled at me and said, “Do you know what I love about this group? It reminds me that we’re normal.”

Two and a half years later, the members of our community are as diverse as ever. We’re writing books, building companies, performing concerts, organizing festivals, reinventing industries, traveling the world, and more. Rather than present a collection of bios and hint at who we really are, here are some of my favorite shared qualities that bring us together as family:

Growth – We believe that anything is improvable through hard work. Life is an opportunity for learning.

Presence – We believe in showing up and truly listening to each other. 

Vulnerability – We believe in letting ourselves be seen. We let the professional guards down, and ask for help when we need it.

Abundance – We believe that life and relationships are a positive-sum game. We delight in helping each other succeed.

Curiosity – We love exploring new ideas and meeting new people, not purely for the sake of novelty but rather because it is meaningful.

Adventure – We all have our own version of the status quo that we have left behind. We cross borders and find home and community wherever we go.

We all are at different points in our lives. Some of us are undergoing a phase of expansion, when we seek inspiration and broaden our understanding of what is possible. Others are experiencing a phase of distinction, when we discover our voice and begin to make a name for ourselves in our chosen fields. Many members have already started to achieve a measure of distinction in their projects, and are seeking opportunities to deepen their influence in the community. (We’ll elaborate more on these phases of growth in a future post!)

We all have our own stories of shared adventures and life-alteringly meaningful moments with members of this community. Together, we get to celebrate being more than our polished bio of our professional life. We are friends. We are family.

We all have our own favorite qualities we seek, and reasons why we get to feel “normal” with each other.

So what are your favorite qualities of members?

Evan Samek

Bylaws working group

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