Naming Our Community (Part 2)
01 Jan 2015

Naming Our Community (Part 2)

Involving the community Now that we had

01 Jan 2015

Involving the community

Now that we had a strong base, we were excited to move forward with the actual naming process.

We were naturally keen to involve the community as much as possible in the decision process. At the same time, we were told repeatedly by members of the Branding Committee – the brand architects in our group who have dedicated their lives to creating lasting brand identities – that design by committee would likely hinder us from reaching our objective to create an ownable brand. They used the analogy of client work whereby clients are never presented more than 3 options to choose from, sometimes 2. “Opt for less choice of stronger options”.

We therefore decided on a hybrid system that we announced on December 15. The hope behind this process was to leverage the collective intelligence of the community as well as the insight of our brand experts:

  1. December 15-24 – Community brainstorm
    Members from around the world can brainstorm and suggest names through the Creads platform*
  2. December 25-31 – Short list
    The Board and members of the Branding Committee who were the most involved will shortlist 3 strong options that reflect our brand narrative**. Members who feel strongly about a particular name can simply email anyone of us on the Board to tell us why you think it should be in the shortlist and we’ll be sure to include this input
  3. January 3-11 – Final vote
    Those 3 name options are presented to the community for a final vote and selection. We’ll clearly explain why we chose those 3 names.
  4. January 12 – Announcement

We’re confident this process is the most effective to reach our objective – to create a strong, ownable brand – and couldn’t be more excited to see the result. See you on Jan 12!

* The members of the brand committee were: Melissa Richer, Sagarika Sundaram, Thierry Blancpain, Steve Tam, Eoin Bara, Radha Mistry, Aisha Sheikh, Stavros Stavroulakis, Michelle Lim, Audrey Richard-Laurent, Nastaran Tavakoli-Far, Erica Berger, Denis Baranov, David Skudlik, Luc Jodet, Brenda Wambui, and Edward Silhol
** For more information on the Creads platform, why we used it and how we used it, read our detailed post on Creads.
*** We had originally announced in our December 15 newsletter that we would submit 5 names to a vote, but after additional and universal feedback from the Branding Committee members that 5 was too much to obtain a robust brand, we chose to cut it down to 3.

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