Announcing the Soft Launch of our Brand Narrative
26 Feb 2015

Announcing the Soft Launch of our Brand Narrative

Timeline ✓ Voting for Name Concept December

26 Feb 2015


Voting for Name Concept December – January
Developing Brand Narrative January – February
Developing Visual Identity February – March
Public Launch of New Brand March

Background on the branding process

In January, our community voted for a name concept that would convey our new identity to the world in a clear, strong voice. The community ultimately chose a weightier narrative that incorporates our brand’s warmth and edginess. The next step, which we are announcing today, was to incorporate your feedback and transform the ‘One Thousand’ concept into a final name and narrative.

The brand team combined your feedback with our professional knowledge, and tried our best to ensure the name and narrative are:

  • simple, searchable, pronounceable, understandable across geographies
  • consistent across all platforms (social media, web)
  • identifiable within a global context
  • steering away from rhetoric that could be perceived as elitist (i.e. the “One” in One Thousand)

Narrative and naming guidelines

The team developed a set of guidelines for our brand, that we believe strengthens and best reflects the concept we voted on last month. Please note that today is a soft launch of the narrative and name guidelines. The new brand will be officially launched with the visual identity next month and there may be small tweaks to what you see here in order to properly align this narrative with the forthcoming visual identity.

Written Thousand Network or 1000 Network or 1000
Pronounced Thousand or Thousand Network
Social Media @ThousandNetwork
Hubs written as Thousand Network/Tokyo
Why ‘Thousand Network’?

We settled on Thousand Network because it’s easy to own, easy to remember, easy to say, flexible, and globally identifiable. After much deliberation, we dropped the word ‘one’ as well as the slash (/) to make it easier to verbalize our name. The name emphasizes ‘thousand’ as an anchor and has symmetry when the full name is spoken or written. We decided on the word ‘network’ because it is accurate. We think ‘network’ best represents what the community means to different members (friends network, professional network). Network will resonate to external audiences, even if internally it seems a little dry. In the end, the qualifier in our name shouldn’t be something you have to explain, and network makes it easy to grasp.

Our Values

The first step in the narrative process was to nail down the values that represent who we are as a community, and thus would guide what the narrative should convey. All Thousand Network brand expression (written and verbal communication, web design, event experience, etc) should reflect these values as much as possible. Please use these values as a keystone when designing something for our community.

  • curiosity
  • audacity
  • generosity
  • playfulness
  • vulnerability
About Us Paragraph

Thousand Network is a mobile society of remarkable young people. We cook up molecular gastronomy, perform pop sonatas, build social empires, and craft radical policy. We bridge geographies and disciplines, designing opportunities for meaningful conversation, collaboration, and discovery. We are bound by our curiosity and creativity, and a value system that emphasizes kindness and integrity as much as ambition and accomplishment. The world is our lab, and altruism is our currency. With over 900 members in 40 cities on 5 continents, we’re connecting tomorrow’s global leaders today.


We decided that for the moment it makes sense to see how the community evolves and develops this organically. Whether we call ourselves Thousanders, O/Ters, Otters or, Onesies, the brand committee wants the community to create and own how it refers to itself. At a later point we may formalize it, but for now there are no guidelines for a demonym.


There are a number of options for hashtags. To give the governance team flexibility, we will also let this develop organically. Our recommendation is to use #ThousandNetwork for official posts, but to also get creative; i.e. #ThousandNetwork, #ThousandNET #1000NET #mille #ThNet #1000NYC

General Guidelines:
  • Name Usage: We ask the community to collectively drop the word ‘One’ and the slash ‘/’ from our name. Please see above for the rationale.
  • Hub Names: All hubs will refer to themselves as Thousand Network rather than translating the name into local languages. This will give the brand global consistency, cohesion and eminence. i.e. Thousand Network/SF, Thousand Network/Tokyo

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks the brand committee’s visual team will create our visual identity strategy. This is where stylized versions of Thousand Network will begin to take shape (i.e. 1/000). If you have comments and input, please continue to bring them to our attention on the blog or via Facebook and email. Building a brand is inherently an iterative process, and we’re so excited to share the evolution of our community’s story with all of you.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and input!

The Brand Narrative Team
Radha Mistry, Melissa Richer, Stella Tran, Robert Bolton, with guidance from Michael Mayernick

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